Committed to green

De Pan is beautiful in every season, which is something the members are very proud of. The special flora and fauna play an important role in this. There are a wide variety of trees, plants and animals, as well as purple-tinged heather and white flowering currants. De Pan is sustainably managed to conserve nature in a responsible way. 

Good management

In general, good management means defining the division of tasks, responsibilities and powers for the club, as well as the clubhouse and associated facilities, in order to minimise the environmental impact and to optimise the (re)use of natural resources.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with relevant regulations; the guarantee that our activities comply with all local, national and European regulations.

Preserve the natural environment

Preservation of the natural environment and, where possible, further development of the ecological potential of our golf course.

Communication and training

Communication and training to ensure our attitude to the environment in policy and practice is adhered to by our members, visitors and the public via the provision of adequate training and information from our employees.